It's awfully hard to believe that the Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 has been gone from showrooms since roughly 2007. That's nine years ago! It's hard to believe because the 16710, itself, debuted all the way back in 1989 and seemed like one of those omnipresent pieces - especially rolex replica watches when it came to buying a piece like the one before you with a so-called "Pepsi" bezel. If my research is correct, Rolex made a Pepsi-bezeled watch in cheap football shirts either GMT-Master or GMT-Master II form from the inception date of the line in 1954 through 2007 and then, poof, they stopped. Today, as we all know, Rolex replica watches is back with a Pepsi-bezeled GMT-II but it's only for the extremely well heeled because it's offered solely in an uber-pricey white gold case. Look, it's not as if Rolex hurt for cheap polo ralph lauren business while not serving up a Pepsi - in fact, when the 116710 debuted with only a black bezel in 2008, people were on waiting lists, but it's odd when a famed company decides to kill off its golden goose. Blame ceramics technology I suppose.